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20 Minute Compos

15th June - 3oth June 2014



You have until 30th Jan and is worth 600pts and will
be awarded to the first correct entry.

You may have come across linkword puzzles before, in which case you know what they are all about. Words that share the first and/or last letters with their neighbouring word. Your task is to answer the clues given and fill in the grid, take note of the arrows and shaded squares. The shaded squares denote the start and end of a word and the arrows indicate the direction the word must be entered in. I have numbered the clues and the relevant squares so you know exactly where to start and where to end.

NOTE - all the given clues are cryptic!



1. Melodically, a single voice heard above the chaos
2. Repugnantly, he lacked interest or excitement for me.
3. Like a military order passed to me, I knew my place.
4. Follower of the teachings of Hebrew Scripture.
5. Seemingly produced more than one, exactly as before.
6. Unadorned presence, appeared to be.
7. Informally, several arranged meetings ocurred, a normal custom it seems.
8. Not wanting to hold back, he stalked the plant's growth carefully!
9. A witch was the wrong label, her telepathic powers could read my mind...she had studied it!










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